Thank you for your interest in my creative work! On this site I’ve included:

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The links and screen shots are tagged and ready for your perusal.

I am truly grateful to many collaborators, editors, students, and teachers who have supported and worked with me through these myriad projects.

2020: Wrote “I Swear it’s the Truth,” a romantic comedy (directed by Matt Brewbaker) for the All in a Day Play Festival at the Coralville Center for the Performing Arts (presented by Dreamwell Theatre, City Circle Theatre Company, and Iowa City Community Theater).

2019: Wrote “Amnesia Falls,” a soap opera parody (directed by Jeremy Eble).

Collaborated with Monica Leo of Eulenspiegel Puppets to write and perform “The Rats & the Stewmaker” in The Diner Plays, a presentation of The Doggers (a collective of Corridor-based playwrights), September 2018.